Member management

The ifree Developer Center provides a function to add and delete members who have access to service management.. However, the function to add members is only available to the master member, and the regular administrator can only delete their account from the service management member.

  1. The service management member will be registered as a member by typing in the ifree account (email). Clicking ➊[Add] send an service member invitation notification to that member's account.
    • Management members can register up to 3 members including themselves.
    • The member is unavailable for registration if the member is managing more 10 services.
    • Even ifree app user cannot register an account if the user is not registered at the Developer Center as a member.
  2. A member with master status can transfer master privileges by changing the status of another member to master.
    ➋[Select Permission] button to grant master permissions, the transfer of privileges is complete and you switch to a regular member.
  3. Regular members can be excluded from the member by pressing the ➌[Delete] button.
    A member with master privileges can delete a member with general privileges, and a member with general privileges can delete only themselves from the member.