ifree Entry

The ifree app service entry function will be provided to make it easier for ifree app users to access the service.

When ifree service entry is complete, it will be exposed to the partner category, and more service exposure opportunities, e.g., the home screen, the partner screen and the event banner in ifree, will be provided.

Service registration process

Request service entry when Login API setting is complete

Since the contents registered such as [Service name] and [Logo image] will be exposed on ifree app, Reviewing process will take place to confirm if the registered contents matches the actual service, and if the ifree login API is applied properly.

Once review is completed, the benefit information registered in PR management can be exposed in the ifree app.

Please check service start status according to the following service start status table, and complete service start.

Status description
Service entry review has been requested, but the ifree developer center operator has not reviewed it yet.
The ifree developer center operator will start service entry review.
The ifree developer center operator rejected app service entry. When you check the reason for rejection, and make corrections, you can press the [Request re-review] button again to request service registration review.
The ifree developer center operator approved app service entry. You can expose the service in the ifree app partner screen.